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Miljøakustik (Environmental Acoustics) is an independent engineering consultancy company owned by Annelin Enggaard who has more than 20 years of experience with acoustics and noise. The company carries out measurements and calculations of noise according to the customer’s needs.

The company is small and efficient and can respond quickly to most tasks. Furthermore, the owner also has the experience required for complicated cases. This experience includes the technical aspect of the work, as well as the aspects involving Danish legal practice.

Miljøakustik primarily performs work for:
  • Industries
  • Municipalities
  • Other engineering consultancy companies
Typical consultancy jobs include:
  •  Consultancy on Danish rules and legal practice regarding noise
  •  Environmental noise measurements
  •  Noise calculations
  •  Noise mapping
  •  Sound power measurements according to e.g. ISO 3744/46

Besides calibrated equipment for noise measurement, the company also possesses analytical software as well as the 3D calculation program SoundPLAN, which enables a visual presentation of problems and solutions.

Contact me for offers on major and minor noise/acoustics related tasks. If you are a consultant and need acoustics as a sub enterprise I will also gladly contribute. Miljøakustik shares building with DJ Miljø og Geoteknik (DJ Environment & Geo Tech) in Hillerød, Denmark.

Miljøakustik v/Annelin Enggaard
Phone: +45 29857028
Miljøakustik c/o DJ Miljø & Geoteknik | CVR: 28960247 | Falkevej 12, 3400 Hillerød  | Tlf.: 29857028 |